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I have traveled and taken many hair classes from several influential hairdressers such as QueenStylista, Najahliketheriver, Msklarie, and Gillian Garcia.

My love for hair is like no other. I sleep, eat, and breathe the beauty industry. I want women to be confident and embrace their hair no matter if it’s short or long. Every woman should feel beautiful!


I earned my cosmetology license in 2001. My love for hair started when I was a little girl.  My dad was a barber and he influenced me to become a hairstylist.  I love doing all types of hair but my strong suit is cuts and color. I specialize in all hair texture and ethnicities. I started to become really serious about short hair in recent years when I noticed that there was a need for someone to truly embrace and bring a different style to Tampa, Florida. 


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